Friday, May 5

Cool, Really Cool May Springtime Morning Coffee Muses

Cool, Really Cool May Springtime Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a beautifully cool, clear spring day. The temperature is still in the 50’s. More than adequately cool to make this a perfect example of my kind of spring morning. A perfect morning to try and heal the heartache caused by yesterday’s abomination of the American Health Care Act. Honestly, I haven’t felt that sick to my heart since last November.

I find myself resorting to religious phrases when I think about what is happening to this country. Christian charity seems to be totally antipathy to this Republican Party. To pass the bill they just passed and try to sell it as conservative values is just wrong. The only values this bill has is the values of greedy old white men, men with a Midas mindset. Everything this congress, and this president have done could have been done by a gang of thugs, raping and pillaging across the countryside. But, they are raping the environment, pillaging the faith and the capital of America’s good name and ideals. This is a party whose only ideal seems to have grown from those capitalist who bought up good companies to strip them of their assets , saddle them with debt, and then cash out. Now they want to do it to America.

And, all of those people who have voted for this party, over and over again, voted for Donald Trump, voted to have their lives destroyed for the enrichment of a few… I would say you are getting the government you deserve, except, America doesn’t deserve this complete antithesis of American Ideals.  All of you Republican voters claiming your mantel of Christian values should be ashamed of yourselves, from what I’ve read in the Bible Christ would be.

For a bill whose published intent was to make health care in America more cost effective, this bill has only cheapened a product that was far from the best in the world already. But, after years of propaganda, the Republican base is convinced that American Health Care is the best in the world, even when the published metrics say otherwise… Because they KNOW, know with a faith based in FOX News, that American exceptionalism is supreme… Damn the facts to the contrary. And really that’s the real problem, in America healthcare is a product, not a service. A product with a high profit line. Healthcare in America is all about the profit now, it wasn’t always that way.

Like many of my Republican family and neighbors, I look fondly back on the past in America. But it not the racial past, not the unreal dream of the 1950’s, my fond memories are of the time when privatization hadn’t become the real religion of the Republican party. The Republican belief that Government was inefficient and private companies could do it all better is a matter based wholly in faith not fact. Does that not sound like a religion to you?

The only outcome of all of the privatization I have observed in the past two or three decades is the enrichment of the owners at the expense of the country and it’s citizens. Healthcare is a prime example of privatization run amok. It wasn’t too long ago that almost every community of any size had a hospital. A hospital that was owned by the community run for the community. Then along came a corporation telling them they would but their hospital and run it more effectively, save money by buying in bulk, and pass the savings on to the community. It worked… for awhile. Then corporate profitability became more of a factor than healthcare and hospitals in small towns began to close… it didn’t take long till we ended up where we are today. And in the last couple of years, with the promise of the ACA, clinics and emergency care facilities were beginning to move back into smaller towns once again. What do you think will happen now that congress wants to kick 25,000,000 Americans off healthcare?

I’ve said it before, I’m sure I’ll say it again… but what the hell happened to the Republican Party? When exactly did they lose their soul. From the party of the religious right they have now become the part of the religious wrong.

I made my first political contribution for the 2018 elections yesterday. It won’t be my last. And none will ever go to a Republican from Texas. I could very well be talked into donating to a couple of middle of the road republicans, but there really are very few of those left.

Enough rant today. But expect more to come. I’m getting my blues from a red state muse on. I expect it to become a regular thing here.

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