A Beautiful Repeat Morning Coffee Muses

Friday, March 3

A Beautiful Repeat Morning Coffee Muses

A Beautiful Repeat Morning Coffee Muses.

Today’s starting out to be a perfect repeat of yesterday. Cool temperature, warm sun, blustery breezes… another almost perfect spring morning to enjoy with my coffee.

Watching the treeline around me come to green life is a rite of spring that always lifts the spirits. And, though March’s winds seemed to arrive a month early, it’s nice to see they plan to stay awhile yet. I was so afraid the entire seasonal calendar was going to advance a month and we would be moving into “March Showers” now.

One of the sad things about this accelerated seasonal turning is that my visiting Goldfinches seem to have headed north a bit early. And for some reason, I’m not seeing as many chickadees and titmice as I have in the past. So the visitors to my front feeders are mostly the larger birds at this time… cardinals, blue jays, doves, and woodpeckers.

Time for another cup of joe…

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