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Turning The Page

Sherry and I had scheduled this past weekend as a four day celebration a long time ago. Making sure we both had arrangements to take Friday and Monday off appproved and on the calendars at work. Gifts were bought, resrvations were made, plans were set…we were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

I had finally found a nice guest house outside of Deer Ridge Cottage in the Hill Country. Texas Hill Country is aptly named and we spent a great deal of time on the front porch in the rockers watching the deer down the hill. A beautiful cottage in a beautiful Freeman setting.

Sherry and I most of our time discussing the future and not reminiscing about our 3o+ years together. The future loomed large this weekend because Hunt, TX, my employer of 35 years, decided on the Thursday before our trip “that due to the economic conditions, belt tightening was in order”. I was the belt…So after receiving and award the week before for my loyal service I was handed a stack of papers explaining my severance and given a short time to pack up and leave. My position was being eliminated and my services were no longer needed…So began our celebratory weekend.

The Next Page

So here I sit with a lot of vague plans…plans that I thought I had a couple of more years to flesh out and begin to put into effect. Sherry and I spent the weekend deciding that for now I will work at seeing where these vague, semi-formed, dream-like plans may take me. I am already beginning to feel more blessed than cursed by this change…but only time will tell where the next stop on this journey I call my life will take me.

So, if I turn more introspective over the next little bit on these pages, be fore-warned. I have been cast upon these troubled economic waters and only God knows where I’ll end up.

Now, for a commercial break…Here is a photo I took this weekend west of Guadalupe River on the Guadalupe River, Hunt, Tx.

Coffee Muses
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From Coffee Muses
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