October Weather Muses

I never thought I could get this excited…Driving home yesterday I heard the weather prognosticator calling for “seasonable” temperatures this weekend. My goodness, who would have thought that “seasonable” would be the new cool…

I can only hope they are right…We can hardly complain. Our summer was not it’s normal scorcher. As a matter of recall, I cannot put together a succession of days where the daily highs were above 100°. That is very unusual for this little piece of the world.

I pass these cows in this field almost every day as I commute my way home. As you can see the grasses have been saying it’s fall for a while now but the weather and the trees and bushes just don’t agree.

The drive to work is normally done on a different route. You could almost say I do a circle navigation of my little world in my daily drive time. Mornings are straight up the road, get there as quick as you can ’cause I spent to much time futzing around right here…But the afternoon drive is slow down and see the world time…I probably add an extra 8-10 miles to the drive but is’d almost all country two-lane. And there are no red lights till I get all the way home again.

Sometimes when the light looks right as I leave the house, I’ll drive the afternoon route in the morning. When that happens and everything is right with the world, magic can present itself to my camera. Those are the mornings I live for…


The morning has run away…gotta go

2 thoughts on “October Weather Muses”

  1. Lovely photos, Gary — the light is amazing in both of them.

    It’s very “fall” here – leaves turning and falling, chilled air and a bit of rain — and the first of the little flock of Oregon juncos who spend their winter in my backyard… time to put out the feeder.

    Hope you get a seasonal break from your heat SOON.


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