The Culture Wars

Eugene Robinson makes a good point today.

‘Values’ Choice for The GOP – “The culture war is supposed to be about morality, but really it’s a crusade to compel Americans to follow certain norms of private behavior that some social and religious conservatives believe are mandated by sociology, nature or God. Republican officeholders have paid lip service to this crusade, all the while knowing that the human family is diverse and fallible. They know that the gravest threat to marriage is the heterosexual divorce rate. They know that Republicans drink, swear, carouse and have affairs, just like Democrats. They know that homosexuals aren’t devils.

Most Americans know all of this, too, by the way. Main Street hasn’t been Hicksville for a long time.

But Republicans positioned themselves as our national Church Lady and were rewarded with the support of the staunchest religious conservatives, who now feel betrayed. Faced with the spreading Foley scandal, the party has a choice.”

This whole argument is the very reason I find myself totally opposed to the Republican Party’s policies. It is the tongue in cheek, wink and a nod, we all know what’s really important attitude they project trying to cover both sides of the conservative coin that leaves me totally turned off to their duplicity.

How can it be morally right to side with big business as opposed to workers? How does the “death tax” repeal help educate the children in America? How can tax cuts for the don’t need its affect the nutrition of the don’t have its?

When the only thing the President and his political machine can say is that all of us non-Republicans are traitorous, terrorist loving, cut and runner’s you really have to wonder where they think this country is really headed. The longer this group of thugs runs this country the closer we get to the return of the “Gilded Age” and the Robber Barons.

You know it only took America a little over 200 years to return to King George and his royal court…