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Reflect on the fact that we have just this one life. Stay with this thought for as long as you can bear. What is important to you? What do you want to do about it? Quotes How we spend our… Continue Reading →

New Inspiration…Or Why I Love The Internets…

Paul Hawken: The New Great Transformation This talk is quite long…but quite good. Take a bit of your day and be inspired…

Discovery…Authors and Philosophy?

I seem to enjoy finding blogs written by authors. One of the latest I’ve wandered across is by Fiona Robyn. She posted an article yesterday that popped up via my feed reader today. The title of the piece was How… Continue Reading →

Mark Bittman Obsesses About Veganism, Priuses, Carbon Footprints and All That : TreeHugger

We love Mark Bittman for his sensible approach to cooking and eating. The name of his column in in the New York Times,Scryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating The Minimalist, says it all. In a recent web interview, Bittman expounds on… Continue Reading →

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