Sunday, March 19

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

The bowl of the sky is crystal blue, the bowl of the earth is almost entirely green. It’s another beautiful summer’s morning at the tail end of the calendar winter. Birds singing, rabbit eating grass, sun shinning and clear cloudless sky, just beautiful… for a winter summer’s morning in the heart of a Texas spring.

I am beginning to see the first leaves on the red oak now…so only the pecans are standing bare. It’s a good thing Leon Hale no longer makes his trip south in search of spring… He would have been leaving in the heart of winter this year… If the weather patterns hold like our past winter, I’ll be planning a trip in January to search out winter. What a road trip that would have been this year.

Another week or so and I’ll be able to sit out here on the back porch without the glaring morning sun. Right about then we’ll have what I call the sun transiting the house. All winter long the sun rises in the opening on the east end of the porch and takes a few hours to get high enough to put me in shade. But soon, it’s rising position on the horizon will move far enough north that the house will shade me through the summer. Most winters this property makes the back porch comfortable in colder weather… this year not so much. But transition day is one I look forward to every year.

Saturday, March 18

Hazy Humid Warmish Morning Coffee Muses

Hazy Humid Warmish Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a Saturday morning on the outer edge of sub-suburbia and the sounds of an early summer have taken hold. Mowers, trimmers, blowers and more, the sounds of weekend mornings, all roaring their challenges at mother nature. Interspersed here and there with the urban sounds that have been here for decades… cattle, horses, chickens, peacocks, even the occasional donkey. With a dog here and there barking it’s challenge at the cacophony of sounds.

Dew drops twinkle like jewels from the tiny leaves on the cypress tree where a male cardinal is serenading me and the world.

Last evening I enjoyed sitting out here on the porch as the sun set. Watching the color wash out of the sky. The sounds of daytime give way to the sounds of night. I hadn’t done that in a while. It was nice.

Time to get ready to take my better half to breakfast…

Friday, March 17

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

A Ceiling Fan And Cottontail Morning Coffee Muses

It’s a warmish start to the day. Mostly clear with just a few high wispy clouds. Of in the distance someone is mowing. Closer by the birds are supplying their normal chorus. I’m starting to see dragonflies patrolling the backyard and a spider has tried to web the weather station.

Our resident cottontail hopped across half of the yard before hiding under the cars or the shed for the day. Hmmm, we might have more than one… earlier I noted to myself how big and brown the cottontail was. Just now another one hopped to the remnant woods at the back of our place. It seemed smaller and grayer than the one I spotted earlier.

This feels like a perfect summer’s day… Starting out at 70 degrees, sunny, nice breeze, filled with birdsong. Too bad our actual summer days feel nothing like this.

There’s a fairly large moon ghosting in the sky. Pale and blueish as it sets towards the western horizon. A reminder of nights bright with moon glow… if only we had a cloudless night. Alt it takes to cover the night sky with clouds here abouts is a predictable astronomical event. Every time we hear of a meteor shower, a lunar eclipse, a comet in the sky the clouds roll in a shut down the view. As a kid, whenever we visited our grandparents, the thing I recall most is the summer evenings spent on the lawn listening to grandpa tell his tall tales as we watched the stars come out. We all sat in an assorted collection of mismatched lawn chairs hoping for a meteor sighting or, even better a satellite. We were far enough out in the country that there was no light pollution ( I don’t even think the term existed), and the sky was filled with stars. The milky way made a splash of light that stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon. Three generations of family enjoying time together…

Coffee calls….

Thursday, March 16

And Another In A Long Line Of Overcast Morning Coffee Muses
And Another In A Long Line Of Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

My Kindle just wouldn’t play nice with this website this morning. After trying and trying to get this post done outside I gave up and came in to finish… I stopped in the kitchen for another cup of muses and decided I would like an early breakfast so I toasted a couple of slices of Dave’s bread and fried  myself three eggs in coconut oil.

A funny thing happened to the morning overcast… The minute I came in… It cleared up, and now looking out my window it’s sunny… Gotta love Texas weather.

I am sitting here watching a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the feeder out front. He and his mate have been daily visitors for the last month or more. Practically every time I look out one or the other is on the feeder, and sometimes both are there. Watched the male have an argument with a blue jay yesterday. I am seeing more doves in the last week… Both mourning and white wings. The number of chickadees and titmice have been down this year. And I haven’t seen a Carolina wren in ages. I miss all three. This year I am seeing more mockingbirds after a almost complete absence last year.


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