Wednesday, February 22

Wedgwood Blue Skies For My Morning Coffee Muses

Wedgwood Blue Skies For My Morning Coffee Muses

Not a single cloud obscured the crystal clarity of the Wedgwood Blue covering the celestial hemisphere above my head this morning. The perfect playground for red-tailed hawks being harassed by a crow just as big as they were.

It’s warm this morning on the porch, sun streaming down, little to no breeze… even the ceiling fans can’t move enough coolish air around to make a difference. There’s a silence that happens out here… The birds will be singing all around… then… nothing, totally quite for a minute… two minutes… you wait, holding your breath… And yes, there’s  tweet… And another over there… then the whole symphony is back in full voice. And… you wonder why it stopped.

If this warm transition into spring continues, I’ll be counting the days until the sunrise transitions the house and I’m in shade of a morning. Normally February mornings warmed by the sun are exactly what the Dr. ordered… this year, not so much. Even though the temperature is still in the low sixties, this protected, sun warmed porch has crossed the seventies in the shade… and it’s pushing ninety in the sun… And the red-tails are still talking about that crow.

Tuesday, February 21

Partly Cloudy And Not Too Warm Morning Coffee Muses

Partly Cloudy And Not Too Warm Morning Coffee Muses

After yesterday’s rains, the whole world seems to need drying. But the air has a fresh washed feel to it, like the pollen has been washed away with the runoff. Blue skies, bluebirds, blue jays… it feels totally springlike. If this winter is any indication, summer will be a real hell raiser… but enough about politics.

The breeze is blowing from the west still. The ceiling fans are blowing from above. The sun is warming everything nicely, not too hot, not too cool… one of the few perfect mornings on the porch. If this isn’t spring it sure should be.

The last week or so I’ve noticed an increase in the number of aircraft frying over. It’s like they’ve moved one of the west to east flight lanes to pass just to the south of here. It reminds me of Estes Park. Sitting on the porch there you railways had at least one if not two passenger jets in sight at all times. At least it’s not like when I grew up under the glide path to Hobby. In the 50’s and the 60’s that was bad. It seemed as if the planes were going to scrape the tree tops as they passed over. The windows rattled, the whole house vibrated as the sound grew and grew… eventually they changed the way the aircraft approached the airport to minimise the noise.

Things to do, places to be…


The Dichotomy That Is America

It’s when the minority believes it when they are told they are the biggest majority since Ronald Reagan…

How America Voted

Here’s the truth of the 2016 Election… Donald Trump was elected by 19.5% of the American People. 22% voted for someone else. Senate Republicans and House Republicans both lost seats despite the most gerrymandered election maps Tom Delay could dream of.

Many of President Trump’s most dedicated supporters…say their lives changed on election night. Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority.

Those who journeyed to Trump’s Saturday evening event on Florida’s Space Coast said that since the election, they have unfriended some of their liberal relatives or friends on Facebook. They don’t understand why major media outlets don’t see the same successful administration they have been cheering on. And they’re increasingly frustrated that Democrats — and some Republicans — are too slow to approve some of the president’s nominees and too quick to protest his every utterance.

Washington Post: Trump supporters see a successful president — and are frustrated with critics who don’t

And there’s exactly what is happening, as you learn if you read about these Trump supporters, they get their news from Fox News or talk radio, they don’t believe the mainstream media, if they ever see it, because Donald Trump tells them it’s all lies. So they don’t know he was elected by a minority, they don’t know more people voted for someone else. “Russia is fake news” so they are told.

Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority.

But, in reality, they aren’t in the majority. And when a minority tries to force the majority to do it’s bidding trouble ensues… This conservative coalition has it’s foundation built on the crumbling sand of a history most of us want to move past. Led by a man who spent years lying about the birthplace of Barack Obama. Egged on by talk radio hosts who questioned Barack Obama’s religion. This coalition has fed conservative voters a bill of goods. And eventually, the truth will come out…

Since I don’t watch Fox News, and I don’t listen to “conservative” talk radio, I have no clue what their news is. But, I do listen to the White House press briefings, and the White House Press Conferences, and the White House surrogates on the news shows. I don’t pay much attention to what the reporters espouse, just what the President and his spokespeople have to say… And Trump supporters, we have a problem, ’cause I don’t see what you see. I am not looking at the Trump White House through rose colored glasses, I am listening to the words that come out of these people’s mouths and what I see and hear is troubling to say the least.

You know what? If this was just the same old partisan politics, it would be bad, but it wouldn’t have the whole world afraid of the actions of one untruthful man. And that’s the real news that Trump supporters will never hear… Trump lies… all the time… about shit that only matters in his mind. Come on, a month later and he’s still upset by the size of his crowd, he is still saying the popular vote was stolen because millions of people voted illegally and they all voted for Hillary, he has no ties to Russia… No one in his orbit has ties to Russia, yet day by day, tie by tie we see different… Except, his supporters are never told. They don’t know. Lying media… Another Lie.

Once, American idealism was the touchstone of the world. The world may not have agreed with everything we did… Hell, I don’t. But, most of the world respected that we were led with good intentions. Led by men, who while not perfect, tried to do the right thing. Men who at their heart were politicians. Men who believed in compromise and coming to working agreements. Now the world fears that our ideals have run aground on the ego of a man who cannot compromise with anyone. Who believes his own press… Alternative Facts.

In 623 days we get the chance to change the direction of this country, to be the shining light once more, to lose the fear of our own shadows. To once again be Americans.


Monday, February 20

Cool Rainy Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Rainy Morning Coffee Muses

Light rain is falling… not quite what the prognosticators were foretelling. Yesterday’s troubled weather seems to have roared thru central Texas overnight using up it’s forecast fury before falling on this part of the state. I’m inclined to note that I can’t recall a winter where every cold front I’ve noticed has moved from west to east before. There’s always been a tendency to slant in from the northwest… pretty much parallel to the coast, but this year the fronts drawn on the map are straight up and down… moving from west to east with the rains along the frontal boundary training north as the drift east.

I do keep hearing that roaring train sound they say tornadoes make… but… I think it’s just a busy Monday morning on the railroad. I would not want to be a switchman on a day like today. In and out, up and down on those metal steps, clothes all wet under the rainsuit. At least the radar is showing just generalized light rain and not the orange and red masses that blew across the hill country and San Antonio last night. Actually, this is the kind of weather where you want a sofa or a swing, a blanket and a book… right out here on the porch.

I watched a bit of entertaining “news” yesterday. Chris Wallace had Reince Priebus on his Fox Sunday show. Watching Chris take him to task for the President’s calling the press “enemies of the American people” was eye opening… but watching the reaction of Reince Priebus to being called on the carpet by Fox was hilarious. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept. It just wasn’t in his ability to ever think his interview with Wallace wasn’t going to be another Fox fluff piece… Just way to funny. If you can, go find a video and check it out.

But, all joking aside, on this I agree with Mr Wallace, the press, not even the most partisan outlets, are the enemy of the American people. Senator John McCain had it right in his interview on Sunday. Controlling the press is the first step towards a totalitarian regime… And to have someone who’s idolized Vladimir Putin for so long calling the American press untrue and “fake news” all of the time is not only troubling, but, it only works on that small portion of the population that gets it’s news from your approved sources.

Oh well, I think I’ll sit and contemplate my navel like all good hippies and wait for HGTV to contact me and tell me the dream home is mine to sell so I can buy my mountain hideaway and wait for the Trump apocalypse. Enjoy your day…

Sunday, February 19

Warm And Muggy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Warm And Muggy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

There’s a lot of moisture floating around in the air this morning.

The temperature is already pushing 70 degrees.

But, there’s a slight breeze blowing… and the ceiling fans are turning.

And the birds are singing in the church of my choice.

This almost wasn’t a coffee muse… seems we had a Mr Coffee malfunction.

Coffee grounds were everywhere this morning when the first pot was made.

But, coffee 2.0 was fine. So here I sit musings in full swing.

The morning overcast is getting heavier, the day is darker now than when I came out.

In the distance, the gray of leafless trees reach to even grayer skies like silhouettes overlaid on each other overlapping, obscuring, fading to the multiple grays of sky…

the ramblings of my brain over that first cup… and other meanders