Merry Christmas All

I put the little video together this morning after taking a few shots of the large plaster piece we put out at Christmas each year. I painted the piece about thirty years ago before we had any kids. Over the years many people have commented on the fact that the four kids on the piece almost match up to our four kids in life…It has been wondered if I, by painting the piece, brought it to life…However it may be…

Here is wishing everyone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

I may or may not be posting between now and then. We will all be gathering here on Saturday for Christmas Dinner… And the list of honey-dos only gets longer before the event.

Flip-flops and Tank Tops

The first day of winter felt like anything but.

Houston set records both for high temperature, with the mercury topping out at 82 degrees, and a high minimum, with Tuesday’s low falling to a mere 68 degrees.

The previous records were 81 degrees, set in 1970, and 67 degrees, set in 1921.

The record heat caps a year in which Houston recorded its warmest month ever — August — and a temperature as warm as 94 degrees as late as Oct. 27, which had never happened before.

via Tuesday’s high of 82 sets Houston record for the date | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle.

Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, you learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather… But, the heat of summer in winter is never expected. It looks like we’ll be running the AC right up until we flip it to heat on Friday evening…especially when we start firing up the ovens for the prep baking for Christmas Dinner today and tomorrow…

The weather prognosticators are predicting a cold snap on Christmas Eve with a high for Christmas Day in the mid 50’s and a low Christmas Night in the 30’s… Does anyone wonder why we walk around with colds all winter?

I new there was something I liked about the Professor

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend

Nor will I even bother to open an email without a subject line.

OK, in fairness, I don’t use communications in general the way the 20-somethings (or less!) Facebook is trying to cultivate do; even with actual friends, my messages are more along the lines of “are you free for dinner next Friday?” than “Hey, I’m around, wanna meet up?”

via I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend –

It was one of the things that was beginning to drive me bonkers when I still worked in the Corporate World… What’s up with the instant messages and the chats? In a business situation, I prefer a more reasoned response than the first thing you can punch out on your phone in 140 characters or less.

And why do my kids prefer a long text conversations going back and forth for twenty minutes when a two minute phone call would cover everything?

Be Afraid…Very Afraid

AUSTIN — A heavy influx of new residents, many of whom are Hispanics, has Texas poised to gain more congressional seats than any other state, and Tuesday’s announcement of the exact number begins what figures to be a politically divisive process on how to divvy them up.

via Texas to leap forward in Congress | Houston & Texas News | – Houston Chronicle.

Just judging by the condition of the country after a couple of decades of Texas leadership in Washington… More Texas Republicans in Congress should scare the hell out of the rest of America.

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