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Monday, August 28

Day Three Of Harvey Morning Coffee Muses

The rains slacked up yesterday afternoon and throughout the night. The water at the back of our place was able to drain. It’s now raining again and we are under a flash flood warning…

Other than being pretty much stuck at home, we have been extremely lucky.  Almost embarrassingly so… But we aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon…

See all of the red circles with the — signs. Those are road closures. Not shown are all of the roads that are underwater off the main roads.

This is a continuing disaster. We will be getting rained on for days yet. Stay safe folks.

Sunday, August 27

Mid-Day Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Coffee Muses

It’s raining in the front yard, it’s raining in the backyard. As you can see from the photo’s, in the time it took me to walk from the front door to the back window the rain started coming down heavier.

South East Texas is flooded. Everywhere. They are pulling people out of attics all around the region. And the rain will continue for days…

A number of our extended family are being flooded as I type this. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. Stay safe, don’t put yourself in dangerous situations.

Tornado warnings are flying all over the area. Including right over us.

Right now my phone is charging from all of the kids checking in.

If anything comes up I’ll post it here…

The Weather Prognosticators Are Foretelling Of Rain

I was checking the forecast for the next ten days and this is what I found on the Weather Underground. I think they are foretelling a lot of rain in my future.

The wind directions look interesting also… Must be some of the weather my brother-in-law, Nigel, keeps talking about up in NE Texas.

Looking at the projected temperatures it almost looks downright fall like. Highs only in the 80’s, what will I do with myself?

Sunday, March 5

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Rainy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

Yesterday I was out of sync all day. When your morning routine falls apart so massively you just don’t feel right for the rest of the day. When I sat down to take my photo and post it here, I had no idea it would take most of the day. This morning it’s the Kindle that’s acting up. But a hard reset seems to have been the answer this time. But, enough about the problems of blogging.

Today’s weather is cool and wet. Light, misty rain fell off and on yesterday. Today’s rain is light, but not so misty. The radar shows the heavier rains to our north and moving away to the northeast. Which is kind of strange as the surface winds are from the east-southeast. Right now it’s slacked off to almost nothing.

The wisteria is showing more hints of green and purple… it’s soon to be a dangle sculpture in the middle of the yard. All over town the azaleas are in full show.

Time to take my wife out to breakfast… And more coffee.