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Wednesday, June 28

Slept In On The Mountain Morning Coffee Muses

Late nights and mountain air conspired to keep me in bed till well after sunrise this morning. The morning temperatures aren’t quite as cool and the forecast is for a bit warmer today. The forecasted high is 72°… yesterday’s high was 65°.

I did put a face to one of the unfamiliar birds songs. Yesterday I saw a scarlet tanager in the tree just down the mountain in front of me. When I checked it’s song, I immediately recognized it as the main song I hadn’t been familiar with. Check it out here… Scarlet Tanager

Today’s agenda calls for a trip north on the parkway. I need to get some fresh pictures of the Brinegar Cabin for the Facebook page I manage. Sherry wants to visit Mr. Airey. Then it’ll be a drive back to West Jefferson and the scenic mountain route back to this porch.

Tuesday, June 27

Mountain Sunrise Morning Coffee Muses

Boy the sun rises early here. It’s a chilly start to the morning here on Tom’s Knob. It’s 51 and change to start the day.

There’s a hound baying up the road. Unknown birds singing to the daybreak. Now there’s another dog answering the hound.

We ran up on Roan Mountain yesterday afternoon. They had a Rhododendron Festival up there a little over a week ago. Judging by the blooms that were left, they were late this year. We only saw a few dozen blooms in the whole gardens. And we are too early this year for most of the rest of the wildflowers. We had a lovely walk through the spruce forest though.

Today well head down to Spruce Pine before we hit Little Switzerland and the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time this trip. I’m looking forward to the drive.

I’ll leave you with this…

Monday, June 26

First Mountain Morning Coffee Muses

First Mountain Morning Coffee Muses

A beam of sunlight streaming thru a hole in the blinds woke me this morning. I stumbled to the kitchen and started the coffee maker before wandering outside with my camera. The above is the sight that greater me. And the big image at the top was the view from the deck.

Now, I set here with my coffee and camera watching the fog in the creek  rise below me as unfamiliar birdsong fills the air. Ahh, a familiar sound… The lonesome too of a mourning dove… And there, way off, crows conversing across the valleys. Another… chick-a-dee… chick-a-dee. Only once at home have I actually heard a chickadee make that call.

And the sound that greated me on my first trip onto this porch yesterday… hummingbirds whirring wingbeats. Constantly buzzing, to and from the feeder I set up after the first hummer buzzed my face asking where the food was. I had forgotten how demanding the girls were up here three years ago. A rapid search of the cabin and I found the feeder we found last time and a few containers of sugar. Pot on the stove… stirred… feeder filled… hummers happy.

The fog down below is starting to break up as the winds start to blow over the mountain behind me. There’s a rooster crowing in the creek valley down below.

As the sun rises above the trees shading the porch I’m missing what warmth it was supplying. Right this moment it’s 53.5° on this porch, and when the wind makes the trees talk in murmurs, it’s a bit cool in shorts and tank top…

Porch View Of First Mountain Morning Coffee Muses

When I first came out…

And now…

Now for breakfast. And then it’s Mountain Time…

Friday, June 23

The Day After Cindy Morning Coffee Muses

The Day After Cindy Morning Coffee Muses

Cindy has left the coast and the summer’s heat has returned. It’s promising to be a scorcher today. Even the morning breeze feels like warm molasses… sticky and slow moving across my skin.

I’m gonna miss the next couple of morning muses as I stare into the rising sun on the highway heading east. Today we pack, and mow… not because it needs it but because it would be way overgrown by the time we return if I don’t knock it down now. Early morning tomorrow… on the road across the Gulf Coast Cindy just pounded with rain and… rain.

Time to get busy….