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Monday, February 27

Another Warm And Muggy And Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Another Warm And Muggy And Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Whenever I start a day and there’s no sun but the temperature is already pushing 70 degrees, I find it hard to believe the calendar. This isn’t a normal February.

Even the cows are complaining. You almost never hear them even though they share my back property line. I was just mentioning to Sherry how I was surprised they were normally so quiet… today they laid lie to that assumption.

I think I’ve figured out the Trump plan… It’s do absurd stuff every day, lie, obfuscate, do everything to prove your critics are right… knowing full well that your voters will never hear of it through your propaganda machine at Faux. If the conservatives who put this puppet in office ever come to understand what he is doing to America, it’ll be a pitchfork at the castle door moment. But as long as they only hear the propaganda, he’s safe. But me, I wouldn’t sleep well thinking all those hard working folks might one day wake up and smell the coffee and the stink will bring them looking for the wizard behind the curtain. That day won’t be a pretty one for the Trump  brand… it’ll be fire sale time in Trumpland.

And on that thought… Have a great day again America.

Sunday, February 26

Another Almost Perfect Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Another Almost Perfect Spring Morning Coffee Muses

It’s Sunday quiet out this morning. The bird symphony is back and somewhere far off a mower is mowing, there’s a distant roar of steel wheels on rails coming from another direction… Now an air horn at a crossing. But what’s absent is the highway roar from the bridge… Sunday quiet.

Yesterday’s morning winds are gone. But the morning cool is still in evidence. When the sun’s warmth isn’t overpowering the morning’s cool, that’s what makes for an almost perfect spring day. The view from the back porch is getting greener by the day. The bare limbs stretching into the crystal blue sky are rapidly sorting themselves out to just pecans… And the bluebird’s are whispering their call. Almost perfect.

We are coming up on the time of year when most of the wintering raptors head back north. And the migrating warblers will move thru in a few weeks bringing even more spring color to my world. Driving around town it looks like the azaleas are reaching peak bloom already. Everyone else’s redbud tree is covered in spring pink, except mine. Even the blue bonnets at the railroad underpass are showing their first few blooms. What I haven’t seen yet are the flocks of cedar waxwings that normally whistle from tree to tree in flocks.

Just as I turned on the ceiling fans to cut the sun’s heat, a few high thin clouds drifted in to do the job for me. Now I need to turn the fans back off. But through it all, a Disney song keeps running through my head… Zippity doo da…

Saturday, February 25

Cool And Windy Coffee Muses Morning

Cool And Windy Coffee Muses Morning

Beautiful morning. Completely clear sky. Temperature in the low fifties on the other side of the house, upper fifties on the porch. Winds are strong out of the north and getting stronger, gusting at twenty mph.

The morning symphony is quite… just an occasional bird sound, no songs. The only sound I’m hearing, besides the wind, is a crop duster off in the distance. What a crop duster is doing flying on a windy day like today, I haven’t a clue.

I find myself sitting here thinking about American values and ideals. And how those values have changed and the ideals we once held in common aren’t so common any longer. Newt and his contract started it all back in the nineties. Which is also where the hatred of Hillary began. Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Mitch McConnell, Tom Delay… etc. etc. etc. All of them pushing this country to the right. Now the center looks like the Republican party of the fifties and the sixties… And our better angels have been subsumed by the fears of the heartland… a heartland that was once our guiding spirit has now grown so fearful of losing all that they would back a man and an agenda that states upfront that they want to trash it all to make America Great Again. You can’t make America great by reversing the very ideals that made it great to begin with.

Each and every day they chip, chip, chip at the foundations of this nation. The constant #alternativenews of this White House isn’t a mistake on their part… It’s planned to have the heartland here exactly what they want them to hear. Read the interviews, look at the data, what started out a couple of decades ago as a joke to the left now controls the news of the right. Fox News, talk radio, that’s where the heartland says they get their news. Twisted news and conspiracy theories, edited videos and out of context quotes. Does anyone really believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii? Really! I mean besides our #so-called President?

But, here we have mainstream media reporters being blocked by the White House in a fit of pique for actually reporting news the White House finds uncomfortable. Folks, it only took a month for them to start a campaign of censorship. The White House declared war on the mainstream media, called the “enemies of the American people”. Now they are blocking those very same media outlets from covering the statements of the White House… if it wasn’t so frightening, I’d compare it to the schoolyard bullies of my childhood… you know the one’s… they cheered when the announcement came over the loudspeaker in music class that our President had been shot dead in Dallas… in our very own state!

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed. Maybe if more of us went on a rant at this government something would change… but probably not, we are all just paid political activist… I know my social security pays me a lot to do this…

Friday, February 24

Cloudy Friday Morning Coffee Muses.

Cloudy Friday Morning Coffee Muses.

It’s cool this morning. But that’s only because right this minute there is a cloud blocking the sun. The prognosticators are foretelling a high in the eighties again today. They’ve also stuck a chance of rain in their oracle like foretelling.

There’s a train whistle blowing down towards Santa Fe. And our normal morning symphony of birdsong is going strong. It’s always nice to start my mornings drinking coffee and listening to the backyard chorus… then along come the crows and the seagulls to throw a discordant note in the mix.


Thursday, February 23

Almost Perfect Southeast Texas Morning Coffee Muses

Almost Perfect Southeast Texas Morning Coffee Muses.

It’s cool enough under the ceiling fans. It’s early enough that the sun’s warmth isn’t yet oppressive, though the eighties are on tap for later in the day. The air is full with the smells of freshly mowed grass.

I fired up the Deere for the first time in over four months yesterday. I wasn’t planning to mow the entire yard, and I didn’t. But, it wasn’t the lack of motivation that stopped me, it was the lack of gasoline. The can was mostly full, the tank was mostly empty, the yard is mostly mowed… less than a hundred square feet left when the tank sucked air. A trip to the gas station today will finish the job.

For the first time in years I didn’t mow the half moon out of the neighbors yard. I figure it’s time to get used to seeing the actual property line once more since I can no longer pretend the view is all mine.

The first wisteria blooms opened yesterday. I didn’t spot them until I was sitting outside cooling down before my shower and the setting sun hit just the purple blossoms while the rest of the plant was in shadow. I was wondering when I would see purple out there…

It’s way too early to see the spring migration thru here, but it already feels late. The mulberry thicket at the edge of the neighbor’s woods have barely broken leaf bud. They are a long time away from fruit ripening… And that’s what times the migration thru this area. One noticeable absence this winter has been our Carolina wrens. The jaunty little bird with the extremely loud song.