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August 11, 2008

Musing about the lack of blooms…

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Leaving the house this morning the temperature was already passing 80°. August in SE Texas may not be as hot as other places in the country, but factor in the humidity and it ain’t pretty. The prognosticator on the radio was holding forth about a high today of 96°…But then she said it would feel like 106°.

My question is…Did it feel cooler in the old days when they didn’t tell us how hot it would feel when the temperature got high enough to fry eggs on the old rusty car out back?

Anyway Fred First is asking for pictures of Roadside Bloomery again this year. That started me to thinking about the fact that the heat and drought this year have us in a bloomery free zone. Back three months ago we had a pretty good wildflower crop working around here but the lack of rain has dried most of the flowers.

This shot is from May. I took it in my backyard about sunset trying to catch some ineresting light that was happening.

I was happy with the result. Since it doen’t fit with Fred’s definition of “roadside Bloomery” though, I’ll just post it here…

Have a great day…Stay cool.

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