Birthday Road Trip 2013

6 thoughts on “Birthday Road Trip 2013”

  1. I’m such a huge fan of fog and isolated stretches of beach, I’m filled with admiration for your photos. It looks like a wonderful day. And isn’t it fun to get home, upload pics and find little surprises, like your birds?

    What in the world is that stuff on the beach? It looks like kelp. Do we have kelp here? I’ve never seen it except on the west coast – I thought it was a cold water plant. Maybe this is a variety of something I’ve just missed. I know sargassum, but I’ve never seen any other kinds. I went looking on google but couldn’t find anything – and many of the articles and photos that called our seaweed “kelp” clearly were talking about sargassum. Interesting.

    I’ve been spending a little time over at a preserve on Egret Bay Blvd here in League City. It backs up to the bayous connecting to Clear Creek, and it’s really quite nice. Down at the waterside, there are plenty of tracks – deer, raccoon, possum and bobcat. The last time I was there, the tracks were so fresh I took a look around an very quietly just backed my way to the walking paths again. They’ve got signs posted to be careful of the wildlife. I don’t believe I’ll be going down to the bayou there at sunset or just after. 😉

    1. Some of my favorite photos have been taken in fog. As for the flotsam…It appeared to be pant nodules or bulbs of some sort with stem and leaves mixed in. I’ve seen it before in the winter. Sometimes it is even thicker than this trip.

      I had really hoped to spend some time in the Hudson Woods. I had no idea they existed until you mentioned them a while back. After that I saw them mentioned on a number of other sites and looked them up.

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