The First Weekend of 2013

We have fallen into the Texas Gulf Coastal winter weather pattern I remember from my youth…Overcast and damp…Cool and breezy… Just generally dreary all day every day.

Though, I must say, after a few years of less than optimal rainfall patterns, a bit of dreary misty, rainy weather is appreciated. Though it would be nice to see it spread out throughout the year.

I put up bird feeders for the first time in almost 20 years this winter. And last week they were discovered. So far they have only been visited by a trio of goldfinches… Which is kind of nice as I had never observed them on this property before. I had tried, when we first moved out here, to set up feeders. But the seed would go bad before it would be eaten, so after a while, I gave up and let the birds  scavenge there own food.

Last week also brought some regular observations of the bluebirds that have been calling these are home for the past few years. I have also spotted the return of the yellow-rumped warblers. They are a mainstay of our winter landscape, flitting from place to place about the yard.

Yesterday I added a couple of more stations to my feeder setup. I can’t wait to see what will be attracted to the new setup…


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