The First Weekend of 2013

3 thoughts on “The First Weekend of 2013”

  1. I first heard the goldfinches about two weeks ago. Now, they’re everywhere here. I always can hear them before I see them – I think they’re in the crepe myrtles, eating the seed heads that have been left. And they do like the seeds of the Chinese tallow and chinaberries, so if you have those trees around, look for them there. Sometimes they’ll strip those before coming to a feeder.

    I’m loving the gray and gloomy, myself. I’m not going to grump one bit about rain. We need to fill everything up, and maybe even have a little surplus. I looked at that latest dust storm in west Texas and thought, “Bring on the rain. If it knocks out my working time, I’ll sacrifice for the greater good!” (Well, as long as it doesn’t go on forever!)

    1. I wasn’t really complaining about the rain. Though, for some reason, the gray days are affecting me more this year than I can remember in past years. It may have to do with the lingering cold that hit me around Christmas and hasn’t been kind enough to leave yet.

      If the goldfinches are partial to crepe myrtles and tallows, then that could explain why I haven’t seen much of them in the past. My very old crepe myrtles don’t have the large flower heads of the more modern varieties, And they just spent the fall cutting down all of the tallows in what used to be woods behind my house… So my newly installed feeders were probably a welcome addition to the local food supply.

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