What Does It Say About My Television Habit?

Icon of a television.

Icon of a television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I read the following article (alright, I didn’t really read it…more like I skimmed it quickly), I thought it a bit amusing that none of the shows listed have ever been seen by me. Not one. More than half I haven’t even heard of.

Now is the winter of our (TV) discontent. After a fall season that largely failed to deliver on the promise of new shows—and, in some cases, returning programs as well—it’s time to take a look back at the year in television as a whole, as we try to remove such canceled shows as Partners, The Mob Doctor, and Made in Jersey from our collective memory.

via ‘Borgen,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Mad Men’ & More: Ten Best TV Shows of 2012 – The Daily Beast.

Now I realize I am probably a bit on the odder side of the television audience, but really, am I that unusual? When I watch TV around here it’s more likely to be a movie on disk or a series from the past that is also on disk. I have begun to discover that even when I watch current series, I tend to stream them off the internet. A minute of adds, even the same one each time, beats the 4 or 5 minutes that seems to interrupt off the air shows.

Sadly for the state of television, I’d rather watch the West Wing or America’s Test Kitchen than what I see on most nights schedule. But, that’s just me…

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