What Does It Say About My Television Habit?

2 thoughts on “What Does It Say About My Television Habit?”

  1. Ooops! No comment possible here, as it’s been over a year since I tossed the television. I’ve never looked back, and never regretted it. Granted, I’ve only had one glance of that Honey Booboo creature, and I’ve missed a few documentaries that reportedly were great, but they show up on DVD eventually if I feel the need.

    The only real lack I’ve felt came when I pondered Christmas without the TNT “A Christmas Story” marathon. I had to have my fix of Ralphie and crew. Now, the DVD is sitting right here next to me, and I can put it in when the time is right. 😉

    1. While I still have the TV, I tossed cable back in the ’80′s. Every time I’ve been exposed modern cable and satellite TV, I find myself continually flipping channels looking for a reason to like all of those channels. From what I’ve seen of people who have’em, they seem to concentrate on just the same few channels all of the time.

      But, being raised around the big screens (movie theaters) all of my early years. I find I still like the immersion experience of a bigger screen for movies and such.

      Just to show you how out of touch I am, I had to Google Honey Boo Boo…

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