We Are All Artists: Seth Godin

4 thoughts on “We Are All Artists: Seth Godin”

  1. Well, doggone. I read the whole thing. 😉

    A lot of wisdom here – a lot of places where I found myself agreeing, and even a few places where I thought, “Yep. That’s what I do, too.” Lilfe being what it is, I probably never would have gone and found this myself, since I don’t do much reading about writing. Time’s short, and what I have, I usually prefer to spend writing. Ironically, I think Godin might go with that, too!

    1. Yea, I know what you mean…I got sucked into a number of articles by and about Seth while I was working my way through these thoughts. ‘Tis always a problem when I start a post… I never know where the exploration will lead. Even the shortest little link post will lead me off on a convoluted path I would not have thought possible a few years back.

      I have a number of blogs on writing that I have followed over the years trying to help me with the habit of actually… you know…write. Most of them have fallen by the wayside. Even the ones that still show up in my feed reader just get skimmed most days. But, occasionally one will jump out and make me go back and actually read it through. This on did that. I am glad you found it interesting.

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