Coffee Muses From a Chilly Porch

It’s starting to feel like my time of the year. The trees are still mostly dressed in their summer finest, though with the wind gusts today, they won’t be for long. So far this fall, we have only seen color on the Chinese tallow trees. I am holding out hope for the red oak again this year…Only time will tell if it’s justified. Last year was the first time since I planted it that the tree looked like it was supposed to…

Red Oak, Dec 2011

So far this year it is just starting to show yellow-orange around the edges of a few leaves. But mornings like this morning…Chilly…Breezy…Sunshine on my face as I drink my morning coffee. Watching the birds soar on the gusting winds…The leaves move horizontally across the yard, chasing each other as they ride the wind.

One cup follows another as I enjoy the peace of a breezy fall day on the back porch with my Kindle. Catch you tomorrow…

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