Post Vacation

It has now been a week since we returned from the Smoky Mountains. Going from highs in the 80’s to almost 100 degree temperatures hasn’t been a fun time.

On the Monday before we came back to Texas we made a day trip from Maggie Valley to our old stomping grounds up around Boone. We did a stop at the Orchard of Altapass, the Original Mast General Store and a quick drive up to the neighborhood we tend to rent in on our high country stays.

The video above comes from a small waterfall on the side of the road running up to Nettles Ridge. We first discovered this spot back in 2004 on our second Blue Ridge vacation. Since three of our five mountain trips have been to cabins up this same mountain road, it has always been a welcome sign as we got close to “home”.

There is actually a much more dramatic waterfall further downstream. But it is behind a house and, while I have heard it often, I’ve never seen it. But this little spot on the side of the road has been a favorite of mine since that first trip.

I’ll try to get a bit more involved in the days to come…

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